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The Open Archaeology blog writes:

It's encouraging to see that such a large project benefits from free software and, at the same time, gives back to the community.

It would be great if also Pleiades data were available under a free license.

I think Pleiades is producing some nice tools, particularly for Python users. The OWSLib, Quadtree, and Rtree modules are, or have, Pleiades contributions. Our geocoding and slippy map Plone products are also getting playing time. However, to most historians and archaeologists the data is more important than the tools. New Pleiades data will be available under a CC or Science Commons type license, but the negotiation of terms for existing Barrington Atlas data (under similar license) is not quite finished. Fortunately, we're not petitioning solo: people like Eric Kansa, Ross Scaife, and Peter Suber (to name just a few) are making open access to scholarly data a very respectable enterprise.


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Author: Dave Lowther

Could you post links to samples of the Plone mapping products in action?

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Author: Sean

Plone folders (and smart folders) containing geo-referenced objects can be mapped like so:

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Author: Stefano Costa

Sean, thanks for linking I always try to do my best in covering open source projects in the field of archaeology and antiquities and I really think Pleiades is a major one. Open Access is still something we are building, but I think we're going to have it soon. I didn't know your blog but it's very interesting to me (Python is the only language I can somehow r/w, BTW). Cheers, Stefano