The Garden is Deployed

I spent about 8 hours digging and planting this past weekend. More time in the gym this spring has paid off, and I'm much less sore this morning than the morning after last year. The garden plan is much the same, but with fewer eggplant, English and Armenian salad cucumbers instead of the bitter pickling variety, more green beans (you can never have too many beans), and potatoes. The spuds are an experiment. Our soil isn't ideal, but I think we can amend it sufficiently, and we've been told that our daughter will be greatly entertained by the treasure hunt for new potatoes.

Spring has been mild, and our plum's blossoms escaped the last hard frost for the first time since 2003. The NOAA CPC 3-month outlook for May-June-July has Fort Collins outside the high temperature anomaly, but we expect to have a drier than normal season. Looks like James Fee will be running his air conditioner overtime this summer.


Re: The Garden is Deployed

Author: James Fee

Yea, the weekend highs were in the mid 100s so it should be a scorcher all summer. Not only the A/C will be running, but I'll have to be using quite a bit of water on the plants this summer (not to mention the pool evaporation).