My Comment Policy

Recent events, summarized by Tim O'Reilly here, have prompted me to spell out a policy for comments on this blog. I encourage people to write critically about our community, industry, and media, but I reserve the right to remove pointless flamebait or personal attacks as well as spam. If an email address accompanies extremely poor commentary, I'll contact the author personally about making sensible edits or retractions. If not, I'll simply delete it. Fair enough?

Update: changed the wording a bit so as not to point at anyone. The comments I get here provide much, if not all, of my blog's value. I won't delete non-spam comments lightly, but I have no obligation to give jerks a voice here.


Re: My Comment Policy

Author: Jason Birch

No comment.

Re: My Comment Policy

Author: Andy

It's your blog you can do whatever you want with it. I'm not half as nice as you are. I delete comments that are even mildly annoying. Blogs are a way for us to get our thoughts and our views out where others can see them. They aren't in most cases a running dialog with the readers. Comments are a privilege.