Backronyms for KML

I'm one of those who feels that KML needs an update if it's going to become a standard. Keyhole Markup Language has a legacy sound to it. Here are a few possibilities:

Kartography Markup Language. Think Krab. A nod to the old-timers who bemoan what passes for cartography these days, dagnabbit.

Kang and Kodos's Markup Language. I bet I'm not the only one who sometimes feels like an alien presence monitoring an oblivious Earth, ripe for the plucking.

A quick pass through my OED didn't turn up any real winners. Let me know if you have any ideas. Best one wins a free copy of OWSLib.

Update: the winner, from the GeoRSS list, is KML Markup Language.


Re: Backronyms for KML

Author: James Fee

I'd go with Krusty Markup Language The clown would be happy to lend his name.....

Re: Backronyms for KML

Author: Matthew Giger

KML does not have much to do with Cartography. How about: Krufty Markup Language Kool kidz Markup Language Killer Markup Language man... Kornhole Markup Language Since Google is just so darn important, why don't they just appropriate an existing acronym: Google Markup Language (.gml) or better yet: Universal Markup Language (.uml) Or just: Markup Language (.ml) Markup (.m) How about just .

Re: Backronyms for KML

Author: Sean

I'll buy anything with the Krusty seal of approval.