Catalog Free

I finally read Adena's interview with Michael Jones, who in fact does invite us to start spatially marking up our data and services in the way I proposed. I'd better start reading Directions more often.

I'm excited about going forward catalog-free, but I'd be even more gung-ho if we were using Web standards (and maybe GML) instead of a repurposed proprietary XML language designed by a geo-visualization company.


Re: Catalog Free

Author: Tom Kralidis

Thanks for the info, Sean. What's so wrong with a "catalog" anyway? :) And isn't what Google is doing a catalog? Instead of marking up FGDC / OGC Capabilities docs, it's KML. Instead of an OGC Catalog approach, they're using their own API. Of course, I'm blindly assuming you're talking about OGC-ish catalog approaches.

Re: Catalog Free

Author: Sean

Tom, my favorite explanation of the weakness of web catalogs is Clay Shirkey's Ontology is Overrated. I can't recommend that article enough.