Planet Geospatial Lives

Looks like Dr. Fee-enstein has finished bolting together his new creation, and is beginning to run some current through it. I see more feeds than ever, which i suspect means even more press releases, thinly-disguised product blogola, .NET fanboys, zimboe minions of SOA, and Python nutjobs that you'll want to filter. As soon as Planet Geospatial consolidates, I'll update my Greasemonkey script.

Update: If you're a user of the Planet Geospatial Scrubber and have any ideas for it, feel free to let me know with a comment or email.


Re: Planet Geospatial Lives

Author: James Fee

This is just the old previous version. The new python backend isn't finished yet, but template will be the same. Now would be the time if you want any enhancements to that template.

Re: Planet Geospatial Lives

Author: Sean

I think the HTML is fine, James. I'm thinking about adding a checkbox (using greasemonkey) to hide/show toggle the filtered items, but that wouldn't require any changes to your code.