Plone Snowsprint Roundup

Kai Lautaportti launches his brand-new blog with a roundup of PrimaGIS activities at the Snowsprint. What I'm most excited about is the new WMS support, which paves the way for integration with OpenLayers.

For PrimaGIS itself the WMS support means that, for example, it's now possible to chain multiple PrimaGIS maps together so that one PrimaGIS instance is able to use the data provided by another. Another cool thing was that we can now provide alternate UIs for the PrimaGIS maps. As an experiment I integrated the Open Layers Javascript UI into PrimaGIS which worked right out of the box. All this code is still very experimental and in the future we will need push most of it into OWSLib and have PrimaGIS use that to implement WMS support.