Heads in the Sand

In the comments of James Fee's AGX vs GE post (and others), ESRI users cling desperately to the mantra that ArcGIS Explorer and Google Earth do different things and aren't competitors. However, as Stephen Geens notes (at the end of this post), Google Earth users with a serious GIS background are ready, willing, and able to compete with AGX and ArcGIS services.


Re: Heads in the Sand

Author: James Fee

GE is a non-starter Sean. $400 a pop? I don't know about you, but I don't have that kind of money in my budgets. World Wind + Open Source GIS Server has much more potential competing with the AGS/AGX stack. AGX won't appeal to my clients as they don't really have the need or budgets for 3D Globe applications. I'm more interested in movement toward OpenLayers, integrating existing ArcIMS and WMS services.