Geo at the Plone Conference

It's two weeks to the Plone Conference. I missed out on FOSS4G, so this is my big conference of the year. Interest in the post-conference sprint is huge. It looks like we're going to have 8-10 people on the geospatial track. Con Hennessy is coming in from Dublin, Kai and Lexi from Helsinki, Chris, Shaun, and Josh -- the usual suspects. I'm expecting at least two new folks, and maybe more. Geospatial, GIS, Neogeography -- whatever you want to call it -- is so hot these days that we might even be able to lure in some of the core Plone developers. Environmental organizations and consultants are well represented at the conference, and get the significance of integrating Plone and GIS. I'm pretty sure we'll be having a Geospatial BoF as well, and discuss the usual issues: data, formats, standards, services, GeoRSS, and KML.


GeoSprint at PloneConf 2006

Author: siebo

I'm really looking forward to this sprint, jamming with the PrimaGIS/PCL crew, and meeting you guys in Real Life™.