Federal Task Force Recommends Standards

Good sense prevails! A task force reviewing federal GIS recommends that the best strategy for consolidation is standards not centralized services. Like the web itself. Via All Points Blog.


Re: Federal Task Force Recommends Standards

Author: Tom Kralidis

What a concept, eh! One can see this in two ways: 1./ Yes, decentralized and web services oriented, which definitely addresses distributed activities 2./ totally centralized, which also makes sense to an organization as an enterprise. The key factor is how an organization is setup IT-wise; do they have a centralized IT / publishing function? Or are these activites disparate? In either case, Web Services provide the obvious advantage of better chance at up to date / authoritative data, no matter what level they are deployed at within / between organizations.

Re: Federal Task Force Recommends Standards

Author: Dave Smith

Standards opens the door for both approaches to be taken. Without standards, a decentralized approach is the wild west. The hope is that the OMB beancounters recognize that governance is the most critical part to develop in the Geo Line of Business - all else turns into a cat-herding exercise.