Planet Geospatial is not a Group Blog

I disagree with Adena's take on Planet Geospatial as a group blog. Boing Boing is a group blog. The GeoRSS Blog is a group blog. The Stoa Consortium is a group blog. Planet Geospatial is a feed aggregator. I've worked with James Fee to get markup that is easy to monkey with, but that's as far as I consider it a joint venture. Not that I'd be opposed to participating in a group blog.

Speaking of the blogosphere: I'm looking to blog swap for a week or so with a food or wine blogger that has a equal itch to try writing about the software and data side of viticulture, terroir, geography, and maps. Interested? Send me an email.


Re: Planet Geospatial is not a Group Blog

Author: Adena Schutzberg

Right, I can't disagree. My appologies for using shorthand in my discussion; I know PlanetGS is a feed aggregator. I think it fullfils the role of a group blog in our arena.

Re: Planet Geospatial is not a Group Blog

Author: Sean

I forgot to mention All Points Blog! Imagine if the other writers cranked out posts more regularly. A group blog that's plainly missing is an OSGeo blog. There's no way to know what's going on in that hive without lurking on #osgeo or subscribing to its score of email lists.