Pro Cycling, You're Killing Me

I feared that it might be too good to be true. Perfect bookend scandals. I sincerely hope that Landis' B sample clears him.


Re: Pro Cycling, You're Killing Me

Author: Chris

I hear ya! I'm hoping for a clean B sample too but even if that's the case many people will still be suspicious...

Re: Pro Cycling, You're Killing Me

Author: Matt

Argh! Howwa bout it. This sucks. I think Floyd is really a angry warthog under the Mennonite exterior. That might explain the high levels. I hate that cycling is a "guilty until proven innocent" sport. If Landis is clean, his name is now soiled. Why do they leak crap like this before they have the B sample tested. If Floyd did do it, I don't know if any pro can be trusted. "Free Floyd" ;)

Re: Pro Cycling, You're Killing Me

Author: Morten

I'll bet he got his shot of testoterone the day after Alps Duez, where he went out of top 10. At least that explains how he got back into the game the day after. All bikers gets shots of this and that. Most just don't over-do it and keep their levels below the threshold (as long as they are below the limits, it's not illegal is it?).