There Goes the Neighborhood

Crap, there goes the neighborhood. Please, unless you bring your own lifetime supply of water (and some to share), or are going to start an old-world bakery, or an affordably priced enoteca, don't move to Fort Collins. I'm begging you.


Re: There Goes the Neighborhood

Author: Chris

It's like the old Eagles song says, "you call some place paradise, you can kiss it goodbye". I was glad to see my town, Charlottesville, VA is not on this list. We've been on many similar lists and our traffic and sprawl just keeps growing. Of course I've only been here 5 years and everyone wants to be the one who shuts the door behind them once they arrive...

Re: There Goes the Neighborhood

Author: glenn

Indeed, usually these lists are full of crap but actually, this one makes sense. I just returned and Ft Collins is amazing (always has been in my opinion). But I have to ask, where are all the people expected to come from? I've never seen so much new development in my life.. incredible! See you in Ft. Collins soon Glenn