OpenLayers 1.0

OpenLayers 1.0 has been released. It's a simple open source map browser in the style of Google Maps. According to the discussion on several lists the OpenLayers team may be joined by the leading ka-Map developers, and OpenLayers may replace some client-side parts of ka-Map. I suggest that we consider the same move for PrimaGIS.


Re: OpenLayers 1.0

Author: Schuyler

That sounds great! If there's any way that OpenLayers team can help you guys integrate OL into PrimaGIS, please get in touch & we'll see what we can do. SDE

Re: OpenLayers 1.0

Author: Sean

Schuyler, we're already using MochiKit in PrimaGIS for asynch feature querying ala getfeatureinfo, but our map browsing UI is not nearly so sexy as OpenLayers. Hopefully the two libs will play nicely together now that Prototype has cleaned up its act [].