Python Cartographic Library Summer Tour

If two points make a line, do two engagements make a tour? I'm going to be making a series of presentations this summer about the Python Cartographic Library, PrimaGIS, and open source GIS tools for Python in general. The first is to the Triangle Zope and Python Users Group, Tuesday 27 June. My host in Chapel Hill, NC is Chris Calloway of SEACOOS. During the week of 10-13 July I will be in Santa Barbara, CA. My wife is attending a workshop at NCEAS, and I am tagging along to visit the geospatial folks at the Center, and hopefully arrange for a visit to the Alexandria Digital Library as well. If you're in the area, and interested in hearing about these projects, send me an email and I'll keep you apprised of my schedule in Santa Barbara.

No Where 2.0 for me. Although it seems to be much more about business than technology, the buzz is intringuing. If it weren't for vacation plans a year in the making, I'd probably have gone.

Sadly, I failed to check the schedules of other summer tours before getting tickets to Santa Barbara, and got burned: we're missing the Built to Spill shows in Boulder while we fly out, and missing the Sonic Youth and Pearl Jam show in Santa Barbara same night as we fly home. Argh! Rather Ripped, featured yesterday on NPR, is downloading as I write.


Re: Python Cartographic Library Summer Tour

Author: Luiz Fernando Vital

Hey, Sean lots of activities for the gispython. Surely great news! About Sonic Youth, I got to see them in a concert here in Brazil last year... really great show.... at the same night Flaming Lips and Iggy Pop.