New MapServer Steering Committee Member

Last week MapServer's technical steering committee voted to make Steve Woodbridge a member. Steve is the first person we've added since the committee was formed. He's one of the most well-known, knowledgeable, and friendly voices on the mapserver-users list, a presenter at the annual conferences, and probably the foremost user of the Perl mapscript bindings. When I asked Steve if he was interested, he eagerly said yes. I probably should have proposed his membership earlier, as we've always intended to bring on more of the MapServer power users.

One current member expressed some concern that we risk making the committee too large and watering down the power of individual members. As I see it, membership is more about responsibility than power, and I'm happy to have Steve Woodbridge share this responsibility with me.

In the discussion around the vote, we also started to deal with the fact that MapServer hasn't yet formed the project steering committee required to get through the OSGeo incubation process. I expect to see some action there soon, and am counting on some of the MapServer TSC folks who also wear OSGeo hats to carry that ball.