Open Is As Open Does

Kevin Flanders has a new editorial in Directions on the MapServer Foundation brouhaha. Like me, he's ready to give Autodesk a fair shot at joining the community. Unlike me, he blames the blowback not on missteps by the Foundation founders, but on the small-mindedness of Joe six-pack MapServer user. That's disappointing. I think a little more openness from the start would have been sincerely appreciated by the community.


Re: Open Is As Open Does

Author: James Fee

So what is next Sean? Posting about the long tail of the Mapserver Community?

Re: Open Is As Open Does

Author: Sean Gillies

I am so tired of "long tail". What is next is that I want to start meeting more Autodesk programmers, and find out what their software can and can't do. Until developers start mixing it up, the Foundation is largely hype.