Not Getting It

Adena writes:

Here at AU it's pretty much a MapServer lovefest, but Ed McNierney of TopoZone has posted his letter pointing to a bad start for the foundation. Read it; we on the outside need to hear what both sides are saying.

Adena sees a divide in the MapServer community. She doesn't get it. There are as yet two separate communities. At AU, people are high on their first sip of open source, and filled with a sense (if a bit scary) of the endless possibilities. On the other hand, members of the original MapServer community have woken up to find a stranger in bed.


Re: Not Getting It

Author: James Fee

It is interesting to read many of the posts today. I think there was some shock yesterday where people couldn't put to words what they were feeling but today you see that coming out. I'm not personally involved with Mapserver, but the more I'm learning about "Enterprise", the more I have to question allowing Autodesk to use the name Mapserver with their product. Is the need for a foundation, greater than the need for a community? You have to wonder.