Fee's Planet Geospatial

James Fee is using Planet to create a new geospatial news aggregator: Planet Geospatial. I'm a regular watcher of Planet Python, and am game to try Fee's new page. Russ Nelson has been doing something similar since the end of 2004 (if I remember correctly) at http://planetgis.russnelson.com, but I've fallen away from it because it's dominated by boring press releases from gisuser.com. Either Russ has configured his Planet incorrectly or he's being played by gisuser.com. Their future dates keep the releases at the head of his aggregator. The inability of some people to provide summaries or content excerpts in their RSS (Atom users, I'm pointing at you) is also rather annoying. Nothing like two pages of Java ArcObjects code to make one hit the back button ;)