GIS in the Rockies Workshop Materials

I brought too few resource sheets to the workshop. The original PDF is at resources.pdf. The talk and programming exercises are here:

I plan to follow up on the several good technical questions in the next week or so, do check back with this site.

The emerging standards track was held in a sky box high above the Denver Broncos' Invesco Field, a novel venue for sure. Dale Laushman of The Uptime Group introduced open source and open standards, and with a question revealed that only a fraction of attendees knew for sure that open source was being used in their enterprise. We've still got a long way to go, or an untapped market, depending on how you look at it.

Brian Timoney of The Timoney Group is using Google Maps and Google Earth as the core of his services, and demonstrated these to a full house.

Oracle's Daniel Geringer gave a great overview of Oracle Locator and Spatial, and indulged me in questions afterwards. I've been skeptical about storing raster data in an RDBMS, but he's convinced me to think again.

Geoff Anderson of Cloudshadow Group wrapped up the track with a workshop on building applications using geospatial web services. I'm envious of his ability to write code live and pull it off. There are a lot of PostGIS users who would love to see his take on a TIGER-based geocoder.