PCL 0.9 Windows Binary Release

I'm dedicating this release to Joe A. (DTD3315) at Dell Enterprise eSupport. Last week, after a few days of sporadic power blinks, my Dell 1800FP monitor went dead. This sent me back to my iBook for a few days. Once I figured out how to start the warranty replacement process -- forget the phone menu and go straight to email -- it all went smoothly, and a refurbished monitor landed on my doorstep in 2 days. Thanks, Joe A!

Able to use my windows box again, first thing I've done is make dumb binary and binary installer releases for PCL: PCL-0.9-win32.zip.

If you are primarily interested in PrimaGIS on win32, I recommend that you use the dumb binary (zip file) rather than the installer (exe). It can be a pain in the neck to get the installer to locate your Plone's python program, and I think it's easier to extract the zip file to some location on your filesystem (C:\PCL-0.9, say), and then edit the system PYTHONPATH environment variable to include C:\PCL-0.9\python23\Lib\site-packages. After you do this, make sure to remove any previously installed cartography package from your Plone python's site-packages.