New Releases From Our Happy Family

This morning Kai and I released PCL 0.9, ZCO 0.6, and PrimaGIS 0.4. The PrimaGIS announcement with change log and download links is at

and the ZCO and PCL announcement to the mailing list is at

The PrimaGIS demo, public face of our projects, has been updated to the current version. There are four different data backends exploited by this demo

  • Filesystem (world borders shapefile)

  • WMS (Landsat mosaic layer)

  • WFS (MapServer users layer via my Cheapo WFS)

  • Plone (Capitals and AOI layers)

The filesystem backend has been changed almost entirely for these releases. To help users make the transition, I've written a new document that walks through the process of configuring a filesystem backend for use with PCL/ZCO/PrimaGIS. Kai is making it very easy for PrimaGIS users; an installer creates the demo data stores automatically.

I'd like to thank the entire crew for their contributions!