Image Server and GDAL?

An All Points Blog post from the ESRI UC blurted (no less than four exclaimation marks) that the new Image Server is using GDAL.

accepts many formats (1 to 32 bits per channel) tif, geotif jpg, lzw packbit flat, scanline, tiled (optimal)

bil, bsq, bip jp2000, mrsid, ecw nitf, hda img(GDAL) (USES GDAL [open source library for imagery - Ed.] INTERNALLY TO DO THE TRANSLATIONS!!!!) sde raster oracle georaster

This is not something than can be confirmed by Googling for Image (or Prompt) Server and GDAL. Is it rumor or truth? As a GDAL user, I sincerely hope for the latter; the more use GDAL gets from the bigs, the better it will become.