Closed Minds Are Really Wrong

I really disagree with Adena Schutzberg on this one where she applauds Autodesk's RealDWG countering move against OpenDWG:

"Real" sounds well, authentic, true, and it being from Autodesk, who owns the format, is a pretty good name. The term "open," I believe is the main source for "fear uncertainty and doubt" in IT. No offence to Open Design Alliance, but "open" is just not a strong word these days.

Autodesk certainly can't name it ClosedDWG; it would take off like a jet with a closed throttle. Is RealDWG any better? I've been watching the meaning of the word real erode for years. The obvious recent example, Reality Television, is actually the opposite of reality. Face it, "real" is not what it used to be.

The assertion that the word open itself is the source of FUD is nonsense. FUD is the flop sweat of no longer innovative companies. Open is one of the richest words in the English language, spanning (with its derivatives) 12 pages in my OED. Not every meaning is positive in every context, but it is an overwhelmingly positive word. Ask family, friends, and colleagues whether they consider themselves open-minded. I'd be extremely surprised if a majority say no.