MapServer 4.6 Release

Get it from I was unhappy and nervous about the 4.4 release because we'd crammed a lot of new features in at the last second. This time we've been more disciplined, and offer many significant and proven improvements. Release manager Daniel Morissette, the "mother" of MapServer, summarizes the changes:

MapServer 4.6.0 has just been released, just in time for MUM3. This new release represents the culmination of over two months of beta releases and six months of development. Highlights of new features include:

  • GEOS support

  • GML 3.1.0 support from WFS server

  • Improved threading support when using various MapScript flavors

  • SVG output support

  • Several enhancements to Oracle Spatial support (3D data, geodetic queries, getextent and Oracle compound polygons)

  • Unix and Windows build improvements

  • Can now build PHP/MapScript without the PHP source (PHP regex issues have been resolved)

  • Various MapScript bug fixes and improvments (very few API changes)

  • Gobs of other bug fixes and improvements.