Goals for MapServer 4.6

There is no formal release plan yet, but MapServer users can depend on another release around the same time as this summer's OSG05 conference. In anticipation, I recently reviewed the MapServer bugs that I own to adjust priorities and set targets. There is not a lot that I intend to do for the 4.6 release: bug 1061 extends symbolObj::getImage() to vector and truetype font symbols as well as pixmap symbols, and bugs 1128, 1203, 1209, 1266 address makefile and threading issues for the Java mapscript module.

There's a roughly 50% chance that I will also tackle the issue of non-square pixels for mapscript in April or May. This is a feature that is currently only available through the mapserv program's WMS dispatcher, but needed by a few in-development scripts and modules such as the Python Cartographic Library.


Re: Goals for MapServer 4.6

Author: Bob Almodovar

I am in the process of converting an ArcIMS site to MapServer. I have accomplised about 80% of this. The one tool that I have not been able to create is a buffer tool. This tool would need to create a buffer around a feature and query any features that fall within the buffer. It would be nice to have this kind of capability built in, as it is in ArcIMS. If anyone knows how to do this, any help would be appreciated.