Open Source Geospatial 2005

I am helping Howard Butler run a Python GIS hacking workshop (scroll down a bit) this coming June 16 at the 2005 Open Source Geospatial Conference in Minneapolis. This is the 3rd year for an event that began as the MapServer Users Meeting. In 2003 I presented the ZMapServer project and in 2004 lead a workshop on MapServer's scripting interface. Hobu is also a perennial presenter and the organizer of this years' session of lightning talks.

We have 4 hours to hack away at some interesting problems:

  • Geometry and raster processing with Python, GEOS, and GDAL.

  • Geocoding, RSS parsing, and map rendering with MapScript.

  • Wrangling OGC Capabilities, GML, and WFS with Elementtree.

  • Free time near the end to explore specific interests of attendees.

Howard tells me that we're well on our way to filling the workshop seats. If you are interested, don't delay.

My proposal is submitted, but no word yet on whether I'll get to present on the PCL and ZCO projects.