Reintroducing a Python protocol for geospatial data

2012-03-27T20:25:26Z in python

The wiki page describing the protocol that I mentioned yesterday is defunct, so I've written it up again as a Gist:

More implementations, pull requests, and comments are very welcome.


1Re: Reintroducing a Python protocol for geospatial data

Stanley Fish, 2012-04-01T20:52:45Z

Dear Mr. Gillies,

In truth it was your somewhat reductive blog post on Python's reduce() function on which I wished to comment, but I find myself thwarted by your practice of shutting down all reader commentary after a fortnight has passed -- something even I have not yet been accused of doing.

I thought you would like to know that I have made reference to your scintillating work on the Pleiades project in my fourth essay on the so-called "digital humanities" movement. These are to be found in my New York Times column (not to say, blog). I would be interested in your thoughts:


Stanley Fish

2Re: Reintroducing a Python protocol for geospatial data

Sean, 2012-04-02T15:55:55Z

Ho, ho. For readers outside of academia: Stanley Fish is an English literature professor and opinion writer for the New York Times who has lately been winding up my digital humanities colleagues. Some Background:

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