Station Identification

2012-01-01T18:09:25Z in blog

Since March 2005, this is the blog of Sean Gillies.

This was one of the first dozen or so blogs on the topic of geographic information systems, but it has always been also about food, travel, politics, beer, web architecture, standards and standards bodies, gardening, birds, data modeling, media and communication, digital classics, geography, and food. And Python programming. And food. I try to write the kind of blog I like to read: both technical and personal. Several times in the first half of my blog's life I considered tightening its focus or spreading the content across several different blogs, but I'm well past that now and comfortable with a single blog where all the topics bump up against each other like the helpings on a Thanksgiving dinner plate. These are my words only and not those of my employer, coworkers, family, or friends. I have agendas, but no particular strategy. I write when I can about whatever I find interesting. It will be more of the same in 2012: commercial free observations, opinion, thinking out loud, recipes and big blocks of code.

The idea to post a yearly station identification comes from John Scalzi's Whatever blog.

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